Getting Ready to Learn

Pre-school and Parents working in partnership

The Getting Ready to Learn (GRTL) Programme is a pre-school parent programme delivered in partnership 🤝 with the Chirpy’s Team 🐥, pre-schools 🎓 from all across the Province and the GRTL EA government team.  This programme aims to encourage and develop parental involvement in children’s early learning as playing, reading and talking to your child will greatly increase their language skills and how well they do when it’s time for school.  GRTL also seeks to increase knowledge and understanding around pre-school development and provide ideas and suggestions for home learning.

In more normal circumstances we’d have a parent’s information evening to go over GRTL, and as an excuse for buns 🍩 and coffee ☕️, but a certain virus 🦠 has stopped that for this year unfortunately ☹️ . We’ll therefore move the programme online right here in 2021 as well as providing resources for home 🏡.

GRTL covers four main themes and information about them is below..

Education Works in Pre-school

Focuses on increasing parents understanding of the pre-school curriculum and the importance of play. 

Happy Healthy Kids

Focuses on raising parents’ awareness of the importance of physical activity.

Ages and Stages

Focuses on raising parents’ awareness of developmental milestones for 3-4 year olds, helping them to recognize their child’s achievements and next steps in learning.

Big Bedtime Read

Focuses on supporting parents to read regularly to their children at bedtime and on encouraging good bedtime routines.

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