With the nasty Coronavirus 🦠 🤒 floating around we’re all stuck at home, and depending on where you live, maybe stuck indoors as well ☹️. We’ll be posting on our Happy at Home page and on our Facebook Page @chirpychicksplaygroup and Instagram @chirpychickspreschool activities and fun things we find to keep everyone’s spirits up. This might just turn into an excuse to share old classic children’s TV, Rainbow 🌈 Mr. Ben 🎩 and Jamie and the Magic Torch 🔦 but hey that’ll be cool too! 🤗🐣🐥😊


We might have to be socially distant for a little while, but we’ll find a way to be together. Missing all our Chirpy Chicks 🐥 and Happy Hatchings 🐣, and look forward to seeing you soon! 🤗

Wilma has been missing telling stories to all the pre-school boys and girls ☹️ While you may be stuck at home, just like Wilma and Little Blue Boy your imagination can go anywhere! 🤔💭🤗

Play & Learn

Things to do in your own Coop! Activities for fun and learning to help little ones at home. 🤗

We’ll update this section as we find cool stuff to share so do check back! 🐣🐥😊

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