As part of our September ‘All About Me‘ theme at Playgroup we’re introducing The Chirpy Chicks themselves. We’ve met Bobby, Babs, and Bella in earlier posts. The final member of the Chirpy Chicks gang is..

Name – Burt.

Favourite Colour – Yellow.

Favourite Food – Bananas.

Favourite Drink – Smoothies, fresh ones please not the ‘from concentrate’ ones.

Favourite Animal – Owls.

Favourite Game – Pokemon Go!

Favourite TV Shows – Scooby Doo and Star Trek.

Favourite Place to go – The cinema to see the new movies, and the Apple Store to play with all the computers.

When I grow up I want to be – An astronaut, to go into space and meet aliens!

..and now you you’ve got to meet all The Chirpy Chicks! You’ll see more of them in Playgroup, on FB, and our website as the gang help us introduce new topics and more.

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