Chirpy Chicks Pre-school Playgroup

Empowering children to take on the world with curiosity, confidence and positivity. Come join the fun!

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About Us

At our award winning pre-school 🏆 we strive to provide the children with a stimulating and rewarding experience to guide their first steps into education, with fun being the foundation of everything we do. Our experienced staff create a warm, friendly atmosphere to help the children settle in and build friendships, giving them the confidence to flourish and grow as individuals. Pre-school is a time for children to learn how to learn and we do that by setting our Chirpy Chicks 🐥 and Happy Hatchlings 🐣 on adventures that have them discovering new things to show them how take on the world with curiosity, confidence and positivity.😊



Enrolment for free (Government funded) pre-school places beginning in September is open in January each year. We’re open for enrolment for pre-pre places, our Happy Hatchlings 🐣 all year round.



At Chirpy’s we have an exciting programme of activities to start little ones on their journey into education. Outdoor and indoor adventures that will take them from the bottom of the ocean 🌊 to the depths of space! 🚀

The Big Coop

We’re based in Greyabbey Village Hall where the big space means big fun! It’s our big coop clubhouse were adventures happen every day! 🏠

Come Visit Us

What’s pre-school all about? Is there a classroom? What happens day to day? These are all questions you’ll find answered on our website, but sometimes the best way to learn all about how it works is to come and see us. Click below to get in touch to arrange a visit, we’d love to meet you and your little one. 🐣🐥😊

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

Chirpy Chicks has been a part of the Ards Peninsula community for over 30 years. Under new management in the last few years we’ve taken on pre-school status, expanded the services we provide to families, and won awards for the care we provide. When your little one joins us your whole family becomes part of ours for the time you’re with us and beyond. It’s a privilege to play a part in instilling in generations of children a love of learning that has them ready to excel when it comes time to step through the doors of big school.

Learning to Learn

Learning is everywhere and we sneak it in every day wrapped up in fun!


Recognising words, learning letters, drawing, and having a go at writing is what we get up to in Pre-school. It’s all about the discovery of language so children can better describe and understand the world around them, and make better present requests for birthdays and Christmas.😄


Maths is everywhere, and for Pre-school it’s all about what’s the same and what’s different, big 🐘 or small 🐭, heavy or light and how to understand what that means. At Chirpys we also have lots of science fun 🔬, the best way to discover things can be to melt them 🧪, take them apart 🛠 and sometimes clone them 🦖😁


We express ourselves through art in so many ways, from drawing and painting 🎨, building 🏗 and sculpting 🗿, to singing and playing instruments 🎶. We do it all and promise you’ll have many works of art to pin up on the fridge every week. 🖼😊


Understanding each other, our emotions and learning how to work as part of a team and on our own are all important tools we’ll polish in Pre-school. As well as thoughts we need to stay fit too so keeping moving with dancing 💃🕺, sports ⚽️ and games is an every day focus of fun. 

Some FAQs

When is the pre-school open?

We’re open 9.15am to 12.15pm Monday to Friday. We’re just like big school running from September through to June with similar holidays at Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Half terms.

What age does my child have to be?

The Education Authority sets the age range for pre-school children attending in the year before they start Primary 1. Check our enrolment  page for details of the latest enrolment period. For Happy Hatchling children, they can come and join the fun from 2 years 10 months and up.

Is there a uniform?

We do have a uniform, a blue sweatshirt and yellow polo shirt. It helps everyone feel they belong to part of a team, and gets children used to what school will require when they get there.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Ideally they should be on their way but every child learns at a different rate so if we’re helping out with pull-ups for a while that’s fine. Sometimes seeing their friends saying they’re off to the toilet can spur on a bit of determination and independence so just let us know how best to help.

Are all staff qualified and vetted?

All our staff have childcare and education experience and stay up to date with the latest qualifications and training available to give children the best possible start on their journey into education.

Do you accept children with additional needs?

We do and we have adapted our setting to accommodate children with additional needs and continue to develop it. Our staff team have experience of working with a broad range of physical and other needs and we’d be happy to discuss any requirements and how we can help with families looking introduce their children to pre-school.


What Our Families are Saying

My child loved their time in Chirpys. Every day was a new story of songs and dancing most of which we got on repeat at home ending with a big shout of WE LOVE CHIRPYS!

Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. My child went from a timid shy little boy to adventure seeking scientist in a year, can’t thank the team enough for all their kindness and help.

We couldn’t keep up with everything my wee girl got up to, she was up and ready to go every morning bursting to get in. Such a fun place and we felt so happy leaving her every day. Love it.