As always we’ve covered a lot this week all while being outdoors so much we’re almost a forest school 🌲☀️😄.  We’ve been learning about staying healthy including the best foods to eat, and exercise to do to keep fit 💪🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♂️. Along with the usual painting, crafting, building and more there’s been discovery games trying to identify objects without seeing them, and puppet shows that turned into impromptu Britain’s Got Talent auditions 🎤😁.

Out in the sunshine we were putting exercise to good use with plenty of spinning on our whizzy dizzy 🌪️😵‍💫, hula hooping , frisbee throwing 🥏, tennis 🎾, golf, rocket launching 🚀 and more.

Don’t forget it’s a bank holiday Monday on the 29th and we’ll see everyone on Tuesday! Enjoy the sunshine ☀️