Blimey what a busy week! We were still blessed with early summer weather ☀️ so made the most of it and headed out for lots of trips to the park which of course was a hit, even if all the sliding, climbing and jumping on the swings had us overheating a bit 😎.

Pirates 🏴‍☠️ have raided our under the sea theme and taken over everyone’s imagination and we decided let’s just go for it!  So with pirate hats on and real sword in hand 🗡️, thankfully no one was cleaved to the brisket, we visited lots of exotic locations getting in fights, plundering ships, and finding treasure all with a hearty “Aarrrr!” a “Yo Ho Ho” and a “Shiver me timbers!”.

With all that excitement done we stopped for well deserved lollies to cool us down 🫠. See everybody on Monday, only two weeks of adventures left! 🐣🐥😊