We’re well into a new month, the last month 😩, and that means a new topic as we head towards Graduation on June 30th. With June 8th being World Oceans Day 🌊 it was a happy coincidence that we’re looking at celebrating the very same subject and learning about what’s under the sea 🤿 . We’ve been getting to know the huge variety of sea life to be found in the oceans as well as closer to home in Strangford Lough, and that’s meant drawing, painting and making lots of whales 🐳, sharks 🦈, crabs 🦀 and fish 🐠 with lots more still to learn! Of course to get under the sea you have to travel the waves so we hoisted the mainsail and jumped on pirate ships seeking treasure as well as knowledge ⚓️🏴‍☠️.

There’ll be more Black Beard inspired sword swinging shenanigans next week so enjoy the sunshine and we’ll see everyone then ☀️🐣🐥😊.