Chirpy Chicks Playgroup is teaming up with web design company Futura WebSolutions for a unique partnership. Buy a mobile friendly, modern, stylish and simple to use showcase web site from FWS for just £399, and 50% of the sale goes to supporting Chirpy Chicks Playgroup!

With government funds for preschool playgroups severely cut this year, and rising wage costs due to government increases and new pension regulations, we have to look at other sources of revenue, balanced against maintaining affordable preschool education for families.

We are partnering with FWS for a superb offer that will help other small businesses reach more customers, and benefit the financial stability of playgroup so the fun and learning can keep rolling, in a social enterprise/private enterprise team up. Read on for more details…


What’s on Offer?
Give FWS your text and images and they will build you an online presence that includes:

  • A website of up to 5 pagesFor example a Homepage giving details about your business or group, a Products Page showcasing what you offer. A Previous Projects Page, or Testimonials Page, maybe a News Page for everything that’s happening with your enterprise, special events and offers, or any combination that showcases your business be it a trade service like plumbing or electrical, beauty treatments or hair-styling, or perhaps a creative business.
  • Registration of a domain name for your website i.e. (assuming it’s available, other options can be considered to help you get your name out there.)
  • Creation of up to 3 email addresses using your domain name, e.g.
  • Hosting of the website, security monitoring, and maintenance all taken care of by FWS.
  • The website submitted to search engines so it can be found online, including Google, Bing, and others.

Also your website will be ‘responsive’ which means it shapes itself automatically to fit the device it appears on. There’s nothing worse than wanting to quickly look at a website on your phone to find you have to zoom in on tiny text or images. Your dynamic website won’t have this problem and instead be ready to present your business effectively and stylishly no matter what device is used to view it.

All of this for a fantastic £399, with hosting and maintenance costs in year two just £50 as well!

Your website is based on WordPress which will also allow you to go behind the scenes and add new content whenever you like, and you’ll get instructions on how to do this as well, with FWS always there to give a helping hand.

Do help us spread the word to any business owners you might know, or maybe you were thinking of starting your own business and this offer could help jump-start your ideas.

Call or text FWS on 07473852122 and enquire about the ‘FWS Playgroup Offer’ or email them at for full details.