While fun is the foundation of everything we do in Chirpy Chicks, behind the scenes there is a huge amount of work done in structuring the day’s play to  build the children’s, maths, language, physical skills and more. This detailed planning and activity is observed and noted so the staff can guide children to flourish in each activity and ready them for school.

All of this is done in partnership with parents and carers and we want to give Chirpy Chicks families a better overview of what happens at pre-school, and hopefully get some great ideas and input from you on adding to the many diverse activities we already strive to provide.

Thursday, November 23rd at 7.30pm will be this term’s first meeting of The Hatchery, our parents and carers think-tank, that will give us the chance to showcase what happens behind the scenes, get valuable input, and we’d love you to come along… WE’LL HAVE BUNS!!!

Below is an overview of what we’ll be covering and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Hatchery, Agenda, 23/11/2017

Welcome & Introductions

The Curriculum at Chirpy Chicks Pre-school
What we do for your little ones to prepare them for school

Spotlight on Positive Guidance
A look at our methods for promoting good behaviour

Before and After Chirpy Chicks
New things for before and after pre-school?

Plans for 2017/2018
We’ve some great activities planned and this will be a sneak peak at
– Sharing a little happiness –
– The Big Bedtime Read –
– Making some old friends –
– Sports Day 2018 –
– Super Secret Plan we hopefully can tell you about on the night, ssshhhh –

Any questions you have for us.