We’re always looking to keep improving Chirpy Chicks to give families the best experience possible and fulfil our mission to empower children to take on the world with curiosity, confidence and positivity. To do that we need to create a special space for them to learn through discovery and fun, a place they feel is their own and one where we can give children a great start into education. 🎓

We know we’re on the right track now we’ve been awarded as one of the best preschools in Northern Ireland for the health and wellbeing of our Chicks 🐥 and Hatchlings 🐣. For about the last 20 years Chirpys has had the same equipment and it’s well overdue for a bit of a change. Before the summer we painted the Hall to spruce things up and now it’s time to start on everything else! 🤗

Thanks to contributions from our Chirpys families and working in partnership with UCIT, the Ulster Community Investment Trust, a new era of Chirpys fun is about to begin. See everybody at 9am! ⏰ ☀️

Jill & Nick 😁🐣🐥😊