What a crazy time this has been! We hope everyone has managed to stay safe and well over the last while and we’ve still a lot of work to do to make sure we all stay that way. But finally after lots and lots of changes to how we get everyone back to a new normal, just last Friday we got word of how pre-schools finally need to operate. We’ve still a bit of work to do to decide on how best we get tiny hands washed even more than usual, what toys and games we realistically can get back into operation, and making lots and lots of signs to keep Chirpy Chicks 🐥 and Happy Hatchlings 🐣 and visitors on the right track, but we’re nearly there.

We’ll be sending out guidance to families on how we’ll be working and striving to keep the fun safely moving over the next two weeks so we’re all set for the start of September and the adventures begin again. Can’t wait to see friends old and new soon, until then keep your eyes peeled for updates. 🤗🐣🐥😊