For our 2020 – 2021 term we are making a slight change to our start and finish times. With a number of families getting in touch, and that includes the Chirpy’s Team as well, having to work around new or staggered starting and finishing times at local schools for older siblings it made sense to help as best we can. We’re jumping along 15mins at the start and end of the Chirpy’s day to let everyone get to where they need to be hopefully without too much of a rush, and our Chirpy Chicks 🐥 and Happy Hatchlings 🐣 won’t miss out on time to play and learn. 😊

We’ll be opening doors to the fun at 9.15am every morning and everyone will be heading home at 12.15pm until further notice in case schooling changes in future. 🤗🐣🐥😊

Keep an eye on our website for more updates as we get everything in place to welcome everyone back on September 1st.