When COVID changed how everything worked it’s been a while since we’ve had a visitor come to Chirpys, and what a fantastic visitor we got! Summer the therapy horse 🐴 along with owners Samantha and Keith joined us this week to explain the amazing work they do and let our Chirpy Chicks 🐥 and Happy Hatchlings 🐣 get up close with Summer.

Therapy horses like Summer, who is an 11 year old Falabella, are specially trained to provide comfort and emotional support to children and adults who are dealing with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. With her calm and soothing demeanour Summer has been working as a therapy horse since she was just a year old and has visited schools, hospices and hospitals providing comfort and educating people on the benefits animals can bring in their own special way.

Everybody was stroking, hugging, and feeding Summer and some aspiring cowboys and cowgirls even climbed aboard!

A huge thank you to Samantha and Keith and we look forward to seeing you again soon. And a special thank you to Happy Hatchling Nicholas and his mum Nadine for arranging everything 😊.

You can visit Summer’s Facebook page here. https://www.facebook.com/summerthehorse

Click twice on a picture to make it fill your screen and we’ll see everyone on Monday as we countdown to Easter 🐣🐥😊