We all went down to the woods this week as the mostly good weather gave us the chance to get out and about 🌤️. There was plenty of tree climbing 🌳, bug investigating 🐞, and branch rearranging 🍃, no forest fires thankfully 🌲🔥😄. Now that Spring in in full bloom everyone noticed dandelions everywhere and had lots of questions while blowing seeds into the breeze 🌬️, so next week we’ll be looking at the lifecycle of a dandelion which gives us lots of opportunities for learning of all sorts 🎓.

The other lifecycle we’re investigating is caterpillars to butterflies and our wiggly friends have arrived in playgroup and we’ll be keeping an eye on them over the next few weeks to see what happens 🐛🦋.

On top of all that fun we were bubble chasing 🫧, golfing ⛳️, footballing ⚽️, tennis playing 🎾, and dining alfresco because the sun was shining and we like being posh 🧺😄.

Don’t forget we’re off on Monday like nearly everyone else for the King’s Coronation 👑 and we’re back for more adventures on Tuesday 🐣🐥😊.