Another short week this week with the Coronation 👑 on Monday so we packed in as much as possible Tuesday to Friday. We’ve been out and about so much we’re starting to look like a forest school 🌲😄 and it’s been exercise in the sunshine all week long 🌤️. As well as working out we’ve been getting competitive with a few sports so everyone has had their fast feet on the go 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ and testing their balancing skills with an egg and spoon, which is surprisingly easy when you hold onto the egg 🥄🥚 😁.

The lifecycle of a dandelion has been a focus of our Spring topic and now we’ve learnt a bit about them we’ll be planting our own next week and doing some hydrophobic experiments with ones we’ve picked when outdoors. We’ll also learn that they aren’t just weeds and can be useful as medicines for all sorts of ailments 🩺 and junk food for Bees! 🍟🐝

And an early reminder that unfortunately we have to close for the day on Thursday 18th as the Village Hall is a Polling Station for the local elections 🗳️.

See everyone on Monday! 🐣🐥😊