It was a science filled week at Chirpys with experiments and investigations into Spring time plants and animals 🌿. We were learning about the life cycle of a dandelion and how useful they can be, making healthy dandelion tea ☕️, seeing what animals eat them 🐇, and planting some of our own to see how they grow 🪴. We also learnt that the fluffy stage of a dandelion’s life has special properties, it’s hydrophobic, keeping water from shaking its seeds free so they can blow away on the breeze when it’s time to fly 🌬️.

Dandelions are also a nice snack for lots of animals, they’re like junk food for bees 🐝, not overly nutritious but nice to have anyway, like KFC 🍗😁, and they’re a hit with rabbits as our visiting friend Gulliver demonstrated by nibbling away on some after he’d worked up an appetite playing with everyone 🐰.

With the weather still being kind we were out picnicking and practising for Sports Day on June 2nd, we’ll be sending a note home about that next week. Check out all the pictures from this week below 📸.

See everyone on Monday 👋🐥😊