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Joining Pre-school

Pre-school is available for children in their year before school and earlier. The government offers free pre-school places for children in their year before Primary 1 and you apply for these via a government gateway that’s available each January. We sometimes have space available if all of our allocated spaces haven’t been filled or perhaps a family has moved to a different area so if you are seeking a place it’s worth getting in touch. If you’ve missed the January gateway you can sign up for a paid place with us and remember you can get help with costs via Government tax breaks, and Universal Credit if you qualify which can pay up to 85% of your childcare costs. For younger children from 2 years 10 months and up we offer paid places and the details are below. This can be a cost effective way of providing a family with childcare support as well as a stimulating educational experience they may not get in regular daycare even if you are mixing and mathcing a few mornings with us and a days or afternoons with a daycare facility.

Sessions & Fees

Chirpy Chicks runs term-time pre-school sessions Monday to Friday, 9.15am to 12.15pm, we found these times suited best to help parents with older children heading to school. The cost of a day session is £12.00 for the academic year Sep 2022 to June 2023, and is reviewed annually with any changes communicated to prospective parents before the start of the Autumn term. In order to meet pre-school outgoings families are billed monthly in advance with payment due by the 5th of the month with one day per week equalling £48 per month and multiply up from there if required. More details can be found on the application form below. Payment can be made in a number of ways. We encourage the use of childcare vouchers and other government tax-break schemes if available to save families a little money and can accept standing orders/bank transfers with details available on request, we can also accept cash or cheques if that is convenient for you as well.


Registration Forms

Enrolling at Chirpys

Everything you need to come join the fun

Here you can download our enrolment form to join us as a Happy Hatchling 🐣 or Chirpy Chick 🐥. The form contains;

  • Timetable of days to be booked, and general terms and conditions.
  • Contact details for Parents/Carers.
  • About your child, some general information to help us get to know your child and any necessary health details.

All information submitted is held in the strictest confidence. Once completed you can drop it into Pre-school at the Village Hall in Greyabbey. Alternatively you can email it to Happy Hatchlings can join us aged from 2yrs 10 months, though age 3 is preferred for staff ratio requirements. We look forward to welcoming your little one to their pre-school adventure at Chirpys! 🤗

WORD Version

Registration Form (WORD Version)
CCPP Registration-Form-2022-23

PDF Version

Registration Form (PDF Version)
CCPP Registration-Form-2022-23 PDF

Waiting List

If your little one is not quite close to enrolling for this upcoming year don’t hesitate to grab a spot on our waiting list, our places are limited and fill up fast. We currently have children booked on days over a year in advance so it’s never too early to jump in. Here you’ll find our ‘Waiting List’ form which you can fill out and return to us. You’ll get a confirmation letter and we’ll keep in touch with you ahead of your child coming to join us.

WORD Version

Waiting List Form (WORD Version)

PDF Version

Waiting List Form (PDF Version)
CCPP-Waiting-List-Application-Form PDF

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Get In Touch

Location: The Village Hall, 62 Newtownards Road, Greyabbey
Telephone: 07577855185
Pre-school Hours: Mon-Fri: 9.15am – 12.15pm

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